PLEIT is the annual it knowledge day for dutch legal practices. On tuesday the 5th of june 2018, the sixth edition of PLEIT will take place in defabrique in utrecht. PLEIT provides information to interested parties, users and the people responsible for it in the legal sector. With more than 600 visitors, PLEIT is the perfect event to get in touch with the Netherland’s legal sector.

One of the four best conferences in the Netherlands

In 2016, PLEIT was nominated as one of the four best conferences in the Netherlands by experts of the Dutch events sector. The panel particularly praised how well the event balanced commercial interests and substantive, in-depth information. For the PLEIT2018 event, all the panel’s suggestions have been incorporated, further improving and modernising the event, while building on its strong points.

The programme’s composition

The programme is composed around several contemporary themes: IT security, digitalisation, laws and regulations, IT knowledge management and privacy. There are various lectures and workshops for each target audience, whether active in the advocacy or notary sector, or working as a bailiff. There is face-to-face contact with individuals working in professional and sector organisations, as well as market representatives and companies active in the field of IT in the legal sector. Almost all programme parts are in Dutch; a few of the offered parts are in English.

Why do people visit PLEIT?

To gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences in a single day, whilst at the same time meeting colleagues who are active in the legal sector, within sector organisations and supply relevant products or services for the legal market. In previous years, videos were made leading up to the day and on the day itself. In these videos, visitors, ambassadors and speakers explain why they have visited PLEIT and what the day brought them, giving viewers a broad impression of the event. Various day impressions have also been created for various past PLEIT editions, allowing viewers to develop an idea of the day itself. All videos can be viewed at www.pleit.nl/media (spoken in Dutch).

What makes PLEIT unique?

The PLEIT programme provides information to interested parties, users and the people responsible for IT in the Dutch legal sector. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for the in-depth sharing of contemporary, relevant IT-related knowledge with partners, owners and specialists in the legal sector. For lawyers, notaries and bailiffs, PLEIT is the ideal opportunity to expand their knowledge of IT and optimise its use in their daily practice.

Visitor numbers and information

There were 600 visitors on the day itself in 2016. PLEIT is visited by IT managers, office managing directors, partners, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and legal support personnel. To give an indication, roughly 50% of the visiting audience is active in the field of advocacy, 30% are notaries and 15% work as bailiffs. The remaining 5% is made up of interested and involved parties, amongst whom sector organisations and IT service providers active in the legal market. 


For sponsor options and questions about PLEIT, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 0031 88 002 84 99
Email: info@pleit.nl